Green Seahare (Dollabella)

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The Dolabella Sea Hare is considered an ultimate hair algae eating machine and cleans every bit of algae mess in your home aquarium.

Generally, a four inch hare cleans a 125 gallon reef of all hair alga in about two weeks. The Dolabella Sea Hare is sensitive to pH and salinity changes, and it takes time acclimatize in a new environment. It has dull grey pattern with soft spiky appendages all over its body with which it maneuvers itself over the rocks.

As soon as it gets in contact with the tank water, it occupies a quiet place and after some time, it will start eating the algae from the live rocks, glasses everywhere, and in this way the Dolabella Sea Hare manages to wipe out the algae from the whole aquarium within few weeks. It is basically nocturnal and comes out at night and named as "wedge sea hare". The Dolabella Sea Hare is secretive, not beautiful in appearance, slow moving and required drip acclimatization. With its physical appearance and coloration, the Dolabella Sea Hare makes it extremely well camouflaged in nature. It is named aptly due to presence of two fringes on their head that look like rabbit ears, especially when the animal is lifting the front of its body and looks like a rabbit sitting up on its back legs. The Dolabella Sea Hare is generally a reef safe organism and do not harm any corals.

Green Seahare (Dollabella), Dolabella Auricularia, Marine Critters available at the best price to buy now at Kraken Corals & Aquatics
More Information
Brand Marine Critters
Drop Ship No
Latin Name Dolabella Auricularia
Tank Size Large
Temperament Peaceful
Reef Safe Reef Safe
Care Level Moderate

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