Our most frequently asked questions


These are just some of the questions commonly asked by our customers. if you have a query that is not answered by these frequently asked questions please head over to our HELP PAGE to seek specific advice on a product or service.

Do you Deliver?

Yes we deliver all goods with the exception of FISH at this time. However there may be times especially during cold periods where we feel its unwise to deliver coral during this time we usually remove the purchasing of coral from the website and announce the closure of coral posting on our Facebook business page.

If you do want a specific fish delivering please contact us directly we may be able to arrange specialist delivery or hand delivery if we are visiting your areas.

Can you look after my tank while im on holiday?

Yes, this is now a maintenance service we perform. providing your within a reasonable distance from our store. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.

Do you supply RO and Salted RO Water

This is a commonly asked question, WE DO supply both Salted RO and Plain RODI water for your marine aquarium. This is available from our store (Please bring your own water container). We also sell water containers should you not have your own.

Unfortunately we cannot provide water by post, its not economically efficient.

If you are filling a new tank we can arrange to bring you enough water to start your tank either salted or plain. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this service.

Is there any discount available?

We can do discounts on bundled products. So if you were to buy a tank, lights, skimmer, pump and associated equipment im sure we would do you some discount or free items to help get you started on your merry marine way. We also have regular discount promotions so keep your eyes peeled for these.


Will this fish / coral be okay in my tank?

If your open and honest with us about your tank size and its inhabitants we will try and advise you to the best of our abilities as to the suitability of livestock in your tank. We cannot be responsible for the outcome however should there be an incompatibility , fish have personalities and they don't all react the same way and external factors can also be at play. We always advise you do as much research as possible before making your purchasing decision.