Getting Help & Information


At Kraken Corals we try and give our customers the most informed choice possible. ReefKeeping is a very extensive hobby with many different ways of achieving the same results depending on your situation, configuration and your budget.

There are several ways you can get in touch with us to get Help from one of our knowledgeable members of staff.


You can contact us in writing via email, the best email address to use is our main email address info@krakencorals.co.uk we aim to respond to every email within 24hrs however we usually operate a much faster response time.


If you would like to speak to a member of staff for help and advice on products or order please call us on 01254 375 333. Our lines are open with the same opening hours as our store.


We try to be very active on facebook and other social media, so you can message us for a quick response via our Kraken Corals Facebook Page where we will try and discuss your requirements. We are also affiliated with several facebook groups where like minded aquarium keepers may be able to assist you.