Yellow Tail Wrasse - Medium

Yellow Tail Wrasse - Medium (Anampses Meleagrides)
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Yellowtail Wrasse - Anampses meleagrides: The Yellowtail Wrasse is also referred to as the Yellow-tail Tamarin, or Spotted Wrasse. 

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Yellowtail Wrasse - Anampses meleagrides: The Yellowtail Wrasse is also referred to as the Yellow-tail Tamarin, or Spotted Wrasse. It has a black body covered with varying sized white dots. The tail is bright yellow. Yellowtail Wrasse is a high maintenance fish. It is one of the most beautiful wrasse but unfortunately Yellowtail Wrasse is difficult to be keep in captivity. The members of Anampses genus are rated lowest in terms of survival in aquarium usually due to feeding habits. 

Yellowtail Wrasse is largely found in Indo-Pacific, Africa, The Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea. The Yellowtail Wrasse may act peacefully toward other fish but may harass fish that are too small as compared to its size. They are not compatible with Batfish,sharks,,Sea horses,Pipefish and Pseudochromis.Caution is required when Yellowtail Wrasse is kept with Dwarf Angelfish, Anglers & Frogfish, Anthias, Basslets, Blennies, Butterflyfish, Cardinal fish, Clownfish, Eels, Filefish, Goatfish, Gobies, Groupers, Grunts & Sweetlips, Hawkfish, Hogfish, Lionfish & Scorpion fish. It does not have any specific swimming level and  can be kept in reef aquarium.

The aquarium may be decorated with coral or rocks. It eats very small invertebrates (amphipods) that grow on live rock. Proper care should be taken to feed them. Once it starts eating in the aquarium its diet should include live, small feeder shrimps (brine, mysid) and finely chopped marine meats. It requires a 55 gallon or larger aquarium with a 2 inch layer of live sand in which to bury itself for sleep and hide from its tank mates. It is a frequent jumper and jumps out of the aquarium, so a secure lid on the aquarium is required. Yellowtail Wrasse requires fine substrate, as wrasse prefers to burrow and hide from their tank mates. 

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More Information
BrandMarine Fish
Latin NameAnampses Meleagrides
Tank SizeLarge
Care LevelDifficult
Reef SafeReef Safe