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All our marine tangs are currently available for collection only, you can reserve and pay for your items online in advance and collect at a time suitable to yourself.

Please note the photos shown are stock photos only and not a photo of the actual fish you are purchasing.

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  1. Clown Tang (Acanthurus lineatus)
    Clown Tang
    Acanthurus lineatus
  2. Sailfin Tang - Large (Zebrasoma Veliferum)
    Sailfin Tang - Large
    Zebrasoma Veliferum
  3. Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma Scopas)
    Scopas Tang
    Zebrasoma Scopas
  4. Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma Flavescens)
    Yellow Tang
    Zebrasoma Flavescens
  5. Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus leucosternon)
    Powder Blue Tang
    Acanthurus leucosternon
  6. Moorish Idol (Zanclus Canecens)
    Out of Stock
    Moorish Idol
    Zanclus Canecens
  7. Orange Shoulder Tang (Acanthurus Olivaceus)
    Out of Stock
    Orange Shoulder Tang
    Acanthurus Olivaceus
  8. Lipstick Tang - Hawaii (Naso lituratus )
    Out of Stock
    Lipstick Tang - Hawaii
    Naso lituratus 
  9. Unicorn Tang
  10. Regal Blue Tang  (Paracanthurus hepatus)
    Regal Blue Tang
    Paracanthurus hepatus
  11. Convict Tang (Acanthurus tripstegus)
    Convict Tang
    Acanthurus tripstegus
  12. Purple Tang (Zebrasoma Xanthurus)
    Purple Tang
    Zebrasoma Xanthurus
  13. Purple Tang - Large (Zebrasoma Xanthurus)
    Purple Tang - Large
    Zebrasoma Xanthurus
  14. Achilles Tang (Acanthurus Achilles)
    Achilles Tang
    Acanthurus Achilles
  15. Kole Yellow Eye Tang (Ctenochaetus strigosus)
    Kole Yellow Eye Tang
    Ctenochaetus strigosus
  16. Goldrim Tang (Acanthurus nigricans)
    Goldrim Tang
    Acanthurus nigricans
  17. White Tail Bristletooth Tang ( Ctenochaetus flavicauda)
    White Tail Bristletooth Tang
    Ctenochaetus flavicauda
  18. Blue eyed Kole Tang (Ctenochaetus binotatus)
    Blue eyed Kole Tang
    Ctenochaetus binotatus
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