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All our marine blennies are currently available for collection only, you can reserve and pay for your items online in advance and collect at a time suitable to yourself.

Please note the photos shown are stock photos only and not a photo of the actual fish you are purchasing.

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  1. Bicolour Blenny (Ecsenius Bicolor)
    Bicolour Blenny
    Ecsenius Bicolor
  2. Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas)
    Midas Blenny
    Ecsenius midas
  3. Scooter Blenny (Neosynchiropus occelatus)
    Out of Stock
    Scooter Blenny
    Neosynchiropus occelatus
  4. Forktail Blenny (Meiacanthus Astrodorsalis)
    Forktail Blenny
    Meiacanthus Astrodorsalis
  5. Scooter Blenny - Pink (Synchiropus Stellatus)
    Scooter Blenny - Pink
    Synchiropus Stellatus
  6. Algae Blenny (Salarias fasciatus)
    Algae Blenny
    Salarias fasciatus
  7. Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus oualanensis)
    Canary Blenny
    Meiacanthus oualanensis
  8. Flame/Ruby Scooter Blenny (Synchiropus sycorax)
    Flame/Ruby Scooter Blenny
    Synchiropus sycorax
  9. Red Spot / Orange spot Flymo Blenny (Blenniella chrysospilos)
  10. Flametail Blenny (Atrosalarias sp.)
    Flametail Blenny
    Atrosalarias sp.
  11. Goldstreak / Tailspot  Blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura)
    Goldstreak / Tailspot Blenny
    Ecsenius stigmatura
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