Eight Line Flasher Dwarf Parrot Wrasse

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Marine Fish


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The Eightline Flasher Wrasse, also known as the Eight-line Fairy Wrasse, originates from the waters of the Red Sea. The Eightline Flasher Wrasse is a remarkably colored wrasse featuring different hues of yellow, orange and red. The distinguishing feature of this fish are the eight striking blue lines that run horizontally along the length of the fish. The color of the female is subdued when comparing it to the brilliance of the male. The male during courting will display its brilliantly colored fins in an attempt to persuade its mate. Colors may vary depending on the fish's mood.

Eight Line Flasher Dwarf Parrot Wrasse, Paracheilinus octotaenia, Marine Fish available at the best price to buy now from Kraken Corals
More Information
Brand Marine Fish
Origin Red Sea
Latin Name Paracheilinus octotaenia
Tank Size Medium
Temperament Peaceful
Reef Safe Reef Safe
Care Level Easy

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