Brightwell Aquatics R.E.E.F Fuze - Fluorescent Cyanoacrylate

Brightwell Aquatics


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R.E.E.F Fuze Fluorescant cyanoacrylate for Propagation of Corals, Zoanthids and Mushroom Anemones

  • Professional coral culture and propagation adhesive.
  • Ideally suited to bonding stony and soft corals, zoanthids, mushroom anemones, and other solitary and colonial cnidarians to frag discs (such as Brightwell Aquatics
  • HexiDiscs and HemiXSpheres), live rock, and other static objects. Offers suprior adhesion of continuous (non-porous) surfaces.
  • Fluoresces in UV light (present in actinic light sources) to indicate locations that adhesive has been applied. Gradual disappearance of fluorescence indicates coral tissue growth over bonding points.
  • Fixture time of ~30 seconds, allowing adequate working time with objects being bonded. Cures fully within 24-hours.
  • Used as directed, safe for use with all corals, and in all marine aquaria.
  • Made in the USA.

Prevent contact with skin; before use, wear protective clothing, goggles, and gloves. Use only in adequately ventilated areas. Avoid prolonged breathing of fumes. In case of contact with skin, flush with plenty of water and contact a physician.

Contains Alpha Cyanoacrylate Ester; combustable liquid. For long-term storage, refrigeration is recommended.

Pat surfaces to be bonded dry. Apply R.E.E.F. F??? sparingly to only one surface, then lightly press surfaces together and hold for 10 – 30 seconds. Bonded objects may be placed into aquarium immediately upon adhesive setting. Replace cap on bottle immediately after use. Sanitary instruments and conditions lead to improved results when propagating corals; it is recommended that all instruments be thoroughly cleaned and dried between uses, and that aquarists wear hand and eye protection when handling and cutting cnidarians.

The acronym, “R.E.E.F.”, stands for Responsible, Ecologically-Ethical Fragging. As stewards of natural marine habitats through ethical reef aquarium husbandry practices and responsible selection of aquarium inhabitants as their care requirements are met, and hopefully exceeded, by the capabilities of the aquarium that they are being placed into, the fate of many species’ long-term survival on our planet may literally be in the hands of those who understand their needs best: recreational and professional aquarists. Brightwell Aquatics encourages all those maintaining closed-system marine aquaria to do their part by: propagating corals; breeding marine ornamental fishes; and by supporting individuals and businesses who are involved in those pursuits, whenever possible. Maintain pathogen-free reef systems by excercising sound judgement when purchasing or bartering for corals. When in doubt, dip corals in MediCoral.

Contents: 30 ml

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