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The Sailfin Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus sp., is a yet-to-be-identified species of Cirrhilabrus native to the waters off the coasts of Indonesia and the Philippines. The Sailfin Fairy Wrasse has pretty remarkable body shape and finnage. It has a large and flowing dorsal fin that is mostly red with purple accents, two large red pectoral fins, a large red caudal fin lined in purple, and a beautiful purple-striped red anal fin. On top of these beautiful colors, the Sailfin Fairy Tang has a deep electric blue directly under its chin. All of these characteristics were originally thought to be mutations, variations, or hybrids of existing fairy wrasse species but more and more specimens are being found and making their way to the US aquarium trade making it more likely that the Sailfin Fairy Wrasse is a unique species. 

Similar to most wrasses, the Sailfin Fairy Wrasse should be kept in a tank with a nice sandy substrate as well as plentiful amounts of live rock allowing the wrasse to hide and explore. It is important that the tank has a tightly secured lid to prevent potential escapes. They eat a carnivorous diet consisting of zooplankton, brine and mysis shrimp, copepods as well as quality pellet and flake food. The Sailfin Fairy Wrasse should be fed several times a day. This is a reef-safe species with most fish including other wrasses, but should not be kept with members of its own species unless in a 150 gallon or more tank. It should not be paired with aggressive and territorial fish. Overall this is a chance to own and care for a fish that is so rare and unique it hasn't been fully identified yet! The Sailfin Fairy Wrasse is truly a treat to aquarists. Blue Throat Dwarf Parrot, Marine Fish available at the best price to buy now from Kraken Corals
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