Here at Kraken Corals we pride ourselves on good healthy livestock at the best possible price and as such we only purchase our fish livestock from Tropical Marine Centre.

Why we use TMC

Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) has been supplying marine fish and invertebrates for almost 50 years. They have an ethos of supplying the hobby with ethically sourced, well-handled imported fish and wherever possible Tank Bred alternatives. They operate within the UK from three main wholesale trade only facilities.

More than 1800 species of fish and invertebrates are available to us via TMC from 26 destinations worldwide so the company can offer consistent high quality livestock
Each of TMC’s suppliers has been chosen because of their philosophy of ethically sourced fish with an investment in sustainable trade. TMC Invest in their suppliers which in turn helps to develop the local economy and road infrastructure.


From the moment a fish is initially and individually net caught everything is done to ensure the best health and wellbeing for the animal and to minimize stress.
Livestock is held close to the catching area in managed holding facilities before packing using pre-defined and experienced packing and transportation procedures using direct flights to minimize travel time.

After arrival at a TMC facility the fish are checked, if necessary dipped and then held while a feeding pattern is established.

TMC invests a lot of time and money in trying to keep the hobby sustainable for generations to come. They work with long established supply chains which only collect fish to order so as to maintain a wild supply and wherever possible maricultured and tank bred livestock is acquired.

TMC is also responsible for supplying Zoos, Sea Life Centres, Universities and Commercial breeding programmes.

What does it mean for you?

Here at Kraken Corals we Visit our local TMC Wholesale facility, we hand pick our fish from the high quality well rested selection available ensuring the specimen is feeding.
Once at our store (usually within an hour of packing at the TMC Facility) all fish are treated and acclimated using our own in house methods.

This gives you the hobby customer the best possible quality sustainable livestock available, who’s journey from the ocean to your tank has been kept as short and stress free as possible.