Now that the covid pandemic is releasing us from our homes we can finally have another Krakna frag swap. Horahh.

This year because previous meets have been at some times overwhelmingly busy we have split the meet over two days, this gives more people the opportunity to come visit but also means we should be less full so for those still worried about covid it should be less of an issue, we have also increased our store size since the pandemic offering even more space.

Where and When is it?
We tried to choose a date where things should have hopefully settled down covid wise, also schools will have been back a month and your bank accounts will have recovered with any luck after the school holidays and buying all that back to school new uniform and shoes.

Saturday 2nd October 12 noon till 6pm
Sunday 3rd October 12 noon till 4pm

At our store in lancashire.
Unit 3 Cunliffe Court, Clayton Le Moors, BB5 5JG

During these times we are still open as normal to other customers.

What is Krakna?
Started many years ago here at Kraken Corals, Krakna was a way for hobbyists to meet up and share frags between themselves. its our way of giving back to the hobby community and see our customers.

How does it work?
Usually its best to pre arrange any frag swaps with other customers online via our Krakna facebook page  this just saves time on the day looking for people :) Other than that customers bring frags with them in containers to Krakna and offer them to other customers for swaps (preferably) or sale.

Do i have to bring frags?
No you can just turn up thats no problem, you dont have to bring frags its a great friendly day out. You can quite often purchase frags from other customers or of course buy from our own range of corals, fish and clean up crew.

Industry Reps
From time to time we talk a sales rep or two from big name industy brands to attend. These have included Seneye and Coral Compass (reef factory, coral essentials). Hopefully this event will be no different and i will update the list of attending companies as we get confirmation

Reef Zlements (Day to be confirmed)



Commercial Selling
There has at times in the past been elements where people have been a bit unfair to the spirit of the event turning up with hundreds of frags all pre priced up with logos on the pots etc selling at a more commercial scale. This is not something we wish to see as its supposed to be a hobby event not to mention we are a shop, so other people using our store to blatently sell from their store isnt really a fair thing to do. 



Any Questions?
Any questions drop us an email or head to the facebook page to see whats going on. 

You can see a video of a previous Krakna over on YouTube or plenty of images on our facebook page.