Acans provide a bright coloured beautiful addition to your reef marine tank. They have a reasonable growth rate provided they are looked after correctly and are relatively hardy.

Common Names:  Acan Coral, Acanthastrea Coral
Skill Level: Beginner
Classification: LPS
Disposition:  Aggressive
Light Level: Moderate
Water Flow: Moderate


Acans contain zooxanthellae, this allows the acans to gain some nutrition and growth through photosynthesis from the lights in your tank but you will see much better growth of your coral if you give regular feeding.

Acans generally extend their tentacles at night but you can feed them any time of the day. Foods including

  • Raw shrimp in small pieces
  • Frozen mysis and general meaty fish foods
  • Marine Pellets
  • LPS Coral + pellets
  • Reef Roids

When feeding especially with the pellet type of food its best to try and give each Acan head individual feeding. We target feed our acans with a turkey baster / pipette and for sinking pellets we use long straws down which we can accurately direct the feed to each head.

Light and Flow

Acans like a medium to low flow so don’t  position them too close to your powerheads, there should be a gentle flow past the coral so that its tentacles can catch any floating food particles.

In terms of lighting they prefer a moderate to low light, each acan varies slightly, start your new acan lower in the tank and move them up slowly to the desired position. Some acans may loose colour if they are subjected to too much light this can be especially true when dealing with Rainbow and acans with many colours, you may want to put these acans in a more shaded area to protect their colouration.