Bleeding heart Anthias

Marine Fish


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Fairly common in the trade, and quite attractive and hardy. Males have pinkish body with a short vertical red bar mid body, and a red tail. Females have a pinkish orange body with red-tipped tail lobes.

One of the more hardy species in this family and best maintained in aquaria with some rocky caves and strong water movement that has a large unencumbered area for schooling, which will occur in the upper third of this area.

Tankmates should be peaceful or at least not overly aggressive, and all should be last to enter the aquarium.

As to diet, will eat most regular aquarium foods, e.g., finely chopped various frozen or fresh meaty foods such as mysis, squid, fish flesh, shrimp, clam, etc., and should be offered at least twice daily and dispensed upstream so water currents carry food to their location. Sometimes difficult to get feeding, and if so, fortified live adult brine shrimp may be necessary until they accept other types of aquarium foods, e.g., frozen foods and fresh marine fish and invertebrate flesh.

Bleeding heart Anthias, Planctanthias preopercularis, Marine Fish available at the best price to buy now from Kraken Corals
More Information
Brand Marine Fish
Latin Name Planctanthias preopercularis
Tank Size Medium
Temperament Peaceful
Reef Safe Reef Safe
Care Level Easy

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