Clearseal Aquariums


For over 40 years Clearseal has been providing top quality marine aquariums for the UK aquatics industry. They have built up a reputation for creating aquariums that are suitable for both trade customers and fishkeeping enthusiasts. This UK based family run business is based in Birmingham which is where all aquariums are manufactured.

And while Clearseal do offer some aquariums that are ready manufactured, they also specialise in creating bespoke aquariums based on requirements. At Kraken Corals we are a distributor for Clearseal, and we stock a number of marine and freshwater aquariums by this innovative manufacturer.

Using ultra clear low iron glass for the best viewing experience, Clearseal aquariums provide a fantastic marine environment for your fish and reef life. With a choice of cabinet finishes available and a range of weir positions, the Clearseal range is an excellent choice for the keen marine enthusiast.

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