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Is your partner, friend or family member obsessed with their aquarium? Are they incredibly hard to buy for and do you always struggle to find a suitable gift for their birthday, Christmas or other special occasions? At Kraken Corals we’ve got a range of fantastic gifts and vouchers available for your loved ones. From merchandise such as pens, t-shirts and mugs to reef aquarium lens kits to help them take great photos of their aquariums using a smartphone or tablet.

For the keen hobbyist let them choose their own gift and free yourself from picking the wrong present when you choose one of our vouchers. Available in £10, £20 and £50 values our vouchers cater to all budgets.

In addition to merchandise and vouchers we also offer a number of great gift options such as the Orphek blue LED flashlight which is designed for coral night feeding and inspection. Other gift items include the Reeftech Gravity Frag racks, D-D Orange filter glasses and D-D Coral colour lens kit. Give the perfect gift with the help of Kraken Corals. Our friendly and professional team are always happy to help and provide advice so if you need some inspiration feel free to get in touch with us today on 01254 235 130.

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  1. D-D Auto Aqua Smart Stir
    Special Price £26.99 Regular Price £29.99
  2. Kraken Corals Mug
    Special Price £6.08 Regular Price £7.95
  3. Kraken Merchandise Stylus Pen
    Special Price £0.65 Regular Price £0.85
  4. Orphek Azurelite Blue LED Torch (Flashlight)
    Special Price £22.49 Regular Price £24.99
  5. Orphek Smartphone Coral Lens Kit
    Special Price £26.96 Regular Price £29.95
  6. D-D Coral Colour Lens Gen2
    Special Price £19.95 Regular Price £24.99
  7. Reeftech Gravity Frag Rack 36 Hole
    Special Price £56.66 Regular Price £62.95
  8. Reeftech Gravity Frag Rack 18 Hole
    Special Price £44.06 Regular Price £48.95
  9. ReefTech Frag Transport Container (carrys 8) The Frag Caddy
    Special Price £22.01 Regular Price £24.45
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