Stability not Numbers

A lot of people chase numbers, the exact KH, the exact Calcium or nitrate levels. Dont get bogged down with this, the key to a successful reef tank is STABILITY, if your number is within acceptable range the ideal situation is to keep it there, if your KH is 7.7 but your friends is 10 dont worry, keep yours at a stable 7.7, dont chase it around to 10. Chasing numbers causes instability and that causes problems.

Keep your hands out of the water as much as possible

Sounds simple, but you will be amazed at just how much you find yourself fiddling inside the tank, Move a coral here, move  rock there, pick up a shell. Change causes instability and this causes problems, stability is key as point #1

Small steady changes

Any large sudden changes in a reef tank can cause issues, Raising KH from 5 to 7 overnight will cause problems with fish and coral for example, so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to change a level in your tank make sure its slow and steady. We generally recommend only changing KH at a rate of 0.5dkh per day, Salinity and other levels equally should be spread over many days to ensure its not a shock to your tank inhabitants.

If it isnt broken, dont fix it.

Pretty simply, dont change things for the sake of changing them, if your system is happy, if your coral are happy, if your fish are happy, dont change something and make them unhappy.

Read your tank not the numbers

Sometimes its easy to look at your water tests and see problems where there are none, perhaps your nitrate is at 20 and people are telling you it should be 2. Dont worry too much about this, look at your tank, it will tell you if there are problems, coral sulk, fish dont look as happy. Learn to read the changes with your inhabitants rather than focusing on the levels.

Its your hobby

Remember this is your tank, your hobby. Spend time and enjoy it.