So whats anhydrous? 

If you look this up in the good old fashioned dictionary it reads as follows:

(of a substance, especially a crystalline compound) containing no water.

NO water, that’s the important thing here, there’s no extra water in your salt. 

Why is this important to you as a reef keeper. Well standard Hydrated Salts contain on average 12% moisture, so that’s approximately 3kg of water in every 25kg bucket of salt you purchase.  So your paying for water, your getting less PPT per gram of salt. 

Additionally to this, what’s contained in this additional 3kg of water we simply don’t know, this “extra” could potentially contain unwanted materials that vary from batch to batch. 

Ultimately in this case, Less is More… Less water is more purity and stability for your tank.


So more about HOT SALT

We sell this in two main sizes, 150 and 200 gallon contains, damn those American sizes, that translates to 567 litres (18.7kg) and 757 litres (25kg) mixed at 33ppt or 1.023sg. Not bad at all.

We also know that when mixed HOT SALT is consistently mixed to the following parameters (when mixed at 35ppt or 1.025sg)

DKH 7.8
Calcium 430ppm
Magnesium 1325ppm

These are ideal levels for reef keeping without being elevated, and ideal if you’re the kind of reef keeper who likes to dose and keep on top of their parameters without the weekly swing of using a high alkalinity salt mix.

 Typical HOT SALT Levels

Mixing Hot Salt

Well first of all, Please be aware as this is an anhydrous product DO NOT put a wet hand directly into HOT SALT the reaction with water causing this product to actively increase temperature while this may not be so apparent when mixing large volumes a small amount of water in a lot of salt is not ideal.

We reccomend a good Pure Reverse Osmosis base water before mixing to ensure optimal results.

As with mixing any salt, always add your salt to the water, not water to the salt and we recommend if not mixing a full box or bucket to roll / mix the dry salt especially if it’s a new box or has been sat for a while as this can sometimes cause smaller particles to rise to the top of the box. 

Quick Mixing Maths

HOT SALTS manufacturer state that 1lb (damn Americans again) will mix 3.6 us gallons of RO to a ppt of 33ppt or 1.023 

So Translate this into English and a barrel size we all know and use 

We calculate that 827 grams of Hot Salt will make a standard 25 litre barrel of salt mix, and 331 grams will make a standard 10 litre mix at 33ppt

This is considerably less than your average salt, approx. 10-12% less in fact. 

It will only take a few mins to mix if you use a good circulation pump to get it all going around although you may see a slight haze for 5-20 mins while the salt reaches equilibrium.

So In Conclusion

ATM is a brand we already know and trust who produce amazing products like ATM Colony and Outbreak, we use these ourselves in the shop on a regular basis and highly recommend them to our customers. 

You get less unwanted water in your salt so its got a higher purity

You use less salt per litre of RO Water

There’s no reason not to head to our ATM brand page and secure yourself some of this high grade salt.