When you receive your coral from us you should first remove as much packaging as possible leaving the coral item in its bag or tube depending on how its packaged. This should then be placed in your tank with the lights off to allow the water temperatures to become the same. We recommend floating your coral for around 20-30 mins (its been in the post overnight so what’s another 30 mins to ensure its happy in its new home).

After the water temperature is where you want it you can remove the coral from its transportation water and place this in your tank  (throw away the transport water, this is good practice especially when transporting fish). Start all corals low down in your tank to start with. 

We would leave the lights on your tank dimmer than usual for the first day or so to allow the coral to get used to the conditions. 

Corals should be slowly moved to their preferred lighting positions. Some highly coloured zoa will prefer more light such as the Mega Rainbows, where some rainbow acans will keep better colour lower down towards the edges of your tank where the light is a little lower.

It may take a few days for your new coral to fully open up and settle into your tank so don’t panic..

Some people will suggest dipping any new coral in an iodine solution or coral RX solution to remove any pests before introducing them to your tank, this will cause the corals to close for a longer period of time. At Kraken Corals we take the best care to try and ensure all our corals are pest free. Any new corals are dipped and kept in our quarantine tank before being introduced to one of our main tanks. Any frags are also dipped after preparation and again go to the quarantine tank so we are confident additional dipping when delivered to our customers isn’t necessary.